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Raw meals
for dogs

Check out our fantastic selection of raw dog food. From single protein, to especially formulated puppy meals, our masterfully made natural raw food will bring your dog all the benefits of a raw diet.

Naked Pup

Introducing our raw dog food range that’s tailored to the needs of puppies everywhere: Naked Pup! With a finer blend, single proteins and Inulin from Chicory root for its prebiotic qualities, our Naked Pup raw food is masterfully made with the wellbeing, health and growth of puppies in mind.


Our nutritionists are raw dog food superheroes who know the benefits of each and every natural ingredient that we combine to make our meals. They have ensured that our Superfoods range provides the ultimate healthy balanced diet for your dog. With added natural Trachea Glucosamine, Turmeric, Spirulina, Ginger & Black Pepper.


It’s Pure, but not simple! A mix of meat, bone and offal. Purely meat, and nothing else. We want dogs to eat meals that benefit them. That’s what Pure is all about!

Naked Dog Pure is a great source of protein in your dog’s raw food diet.


The range that started it all! Our Naked Dog Original complete raw dog food range is packed full of essential proteins and nutrients to give your dog everything it needs and nothing it doesn’t!


No more hyper energetic or lack-lustre pooches due to poor food choices. Naked Dog Active is a masterfully made, perfectly balanced raw dog food meal to ensure your dog has the correct and appropriate energy levels. We even added Oregano to our Active range. Oregano is a nutritious herb. Studies* have shown it can reduce inflammation and balance recovery after exercise!


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