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Red Mills Spot 22, 15KG

The greyhounds or any other sporting dogs are subjected to a lot of training and hard work to master the sport they are into. Although blessed with a keen sight and high-speed, if not given proper nutrition while training, their hard work may go to vain. Usually engaged in sports such as racing and coursing, sporting dogs need a high level of protein and other nutrients to ace in their respective sports. To ensure this, you can trust on the Red Mills Spot 22 Dry Dog Food. Providing a rich balance of essential nutrients with tasty meaty content, your dog will love to eat this delightful meal.

The Red Mills dry dog food contains 22% protein which ensures a well-maintained muscle growth and development. It also helps in fast cell repair. The high-quality and high-level of meat content in this Red Mills sporting dog food makes sure that your dog is digesting everything easily. With the Red Mills working dog food, you can provide a complete and well-balanced food to support the dietary needs of any sporting dog, be it a greyhound or a foxhound. It contains added vitamins and minerals so your pooch can get extra stamina and vitality to perform well in sports.

Suitable for all types of active working dogs, make sure to provide sufficient amount of water while feeding your dog. This pack is a great solution to suit the dietary needs of sporting dogs.

Product Dimensions:75(D) x 40(W) x 14(H)

Product Benefits

  • Suitable to support the needs of sporting dogs, such as greyhounds
  • Contains 22%protein for cell repair and muscle growth and development
  • High meat content for proper digestion
  • Added vitamins and minerals for endurance and stamina
  • Complete and well-balanced food for dietary needs of sporting dogs

Redmills Spot 22

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