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Raw Dog Food.

Welcome to our raw dog food section!

For the widest selection of raw dog food in Northern Ireland look no further than Furbies Pet Supplies. You'll find our own Furbies Raw brand, Paleo Ridge, Naked Dog, Pro Dog Raw, Kiezebrink and Barkin Bistro!

Youll also find some great raw treats like Venison pelt, Pizzles, Chicken Feet, Duck necks and more!

Youll find D.I.Y options from our own brand where you want to create your own mix, or completes from other brands.

We are sure youll find something your dog likes here, our own brand is more chunky where as Naked Dog is more Pate like in comparison. Please remember your dogs food from this section arrives frozen. We also stock a couple of cooked poultry options from Barkin Bistro. Dogs from Dungiven to Dunloy have never had so much selection in Northern Ireland! It really is the best food to feed your dog!

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